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MPJ 5000mAh Power Hochleistungs Akku für T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy SII S2 T989

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MPJ 5000mAh Extended Battery for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy SII S2 T989

Compatible Cellphone Models'

Compatible with      T-moblie galaxy s II(SGH-T989)  .NOT COMPATIBLE with internation Galaxy s2 i9100, NOT Compatible with Sprint galaxy s II Epic Touch 4G D710, NOT Compatible with AT&T galaxy s II(SGH-I777),

MPJ®  Extended Battery Product Description:

·MPJ® using the latest battery production technology, all batteries are rigorously tested.

·Under normal conditions, the discharge capacity of battery is not less than 80% of the initial capacity after 500 cycles.

·MPJ® Long life, no memory effect, environmental protection, safety and reliability.

·Compact and lightweight, suitable for daily use, advanced battery technology ensures greater energy.

·The batteries do not contain Cadmium and can be recharged.

·Built-in overload & over-voltage protection; Certified by CE / RoHS.

·Please properly dispose of used batteries and remove the battery as far as possible when not using it.


packing 1x MPJ 5000mAh Extended Battery for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy SII S2 T989

               1x battery door cover (black only )

if you find out your phone model not this above -mentioned  model ,pls find following

1:  battery for Samsung Galaxy s2 i9100 (international ), 

2.  battery for T-moblie  galaxy s II SGH-T989   USA

 3: battery for  Sprint  galaxy s II Epic Touch 4G D710,USA

4:battery for  AT&T galaxy s II SGH-I777, USA


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